• Warboss95

    I give....

    February 3, 2011 by Warboss95

    What happend to everything... a few months ago everyone here was happy learning and talking. now we are at eachother's throuts. and for what cuz some of us dont have the guts to ask nicely for something, cuz we take things to close to heart. its not worth it

    This wiki is BS now. when i was working on it... it looked good.. people took it seriously and made sence.

    This wiki is jus horrible now....

    if u dont hate me email me

    Creator of GAO 03:29, February 3, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Warboss95


    January 4, 2011 by Warboss95

    GUYS! ima god again!! still the god of dragon and i still have to drink lung blood. but im a god. WHOOOHOO

    BTW: me and Jenny are getting married on valentines day


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  • Warboss95


    November 4, 2010 by Warboss95

    ive almost lost jordan. i was confused for a second and made the mistake of asking rhea. Kraotos hacked my email and sent it to everyone at camp. now Jordan knows and shes trying to leave me. im begging for one last chance. thoughts, ideas? i needa know what u guys think

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  • Warboss95

    All of you guys know that Kraotos is born. he is the son of zeus and metis. He killed my dragon Azhag and killed my wife Jordan. thank god shes been reborn. Hes a total monster. Kraotos has a connection with me so we can get info from eachother.... and i can mess with his mind.

    Last night he highjacked Jenny's phone. which is the main way to talk to camp. So now me and alot of other people are cut off from them. If u have the number never use it until i say so. I got him to reveal some of his intel. Whats left of the titans are on his side. so just some very weak minor titans and whats left of the demititans.

    Hes also just a douche to talk to. hes rude and just a downright prik.

    Dont text with camp, dont call camp. And kill any demititans u s…

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  • Warboss95

    Im just gonna say it..... Azhag my dragon was killed -sobs- he was killed by the newest enemy of the gods named Kroatos. Kroatos was born and he needed energy and Azhag was the first thing he saw. So he killed him and drank his blood. Now i have a connection with this guy and im ciseptible to corruption, but i will get dreams about his plans.

    Alot of People at camp are takng it pretty hard espescially Jenny and Griffin. "Annabeth" made a shrine to Azhag.

    Im gonna miss Azhag i never knew him but apparetly he knew me and was alot like me. Griffin told me how Azhag was the closest thing to me anyone could get.

    May he find peace and may Kroatos be ripped apart

    former Dragon Rider 11:50, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

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