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  • TheTheif

    Alright guys.

    This is the post I had never dreamt I'd make.

    But, you all must know.

    Ava, one of the oldies, aka Leafwhisker, and I have come to the conclusion that it is best for this Wiki to be deleted.

    Most of you know that so much has happened here, and, yes, it used to be a damn good site, but now it is full of corruption and just downright childish and stupid content.

    As Ava is an admin for the Wiki, she has graciously agreed to take care of this little problem.

    We're thinking on making a new Wiki to replace this one so those who wish to continue on with this stuff may as it pleases them after the current Wiki is deleted. [I s'pose I shall see what I can do about creating a new site as careful planning just might be needed to ensure that the …

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  • TheTheif

    READ. Dammit. c:

    May 13, 2012 by TheTheif

    First off.

    Read these two blogs by ChildofLightning:


    Alrighty now. 99.9% of the 'Oldies' that have talked, interacted, replied to these blogs, WHATEVER, agree that this place needs to be cleaned up.

    In all honesty, we really f*cking miss things how they used to be. All this new shit, all the nonsense pages, they NEED to be deleted. Like, seriously. How in the actual fuck does Bioshock, or any other video game for that matter, even relate to PJO? HOW? Jeezus Chriiiist people. Get your game together.

    The sole purpose of this blog here is to get everyone together, mainly those who remember the Wiki in it's p…

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  • TheTheif

    Blah, blah, blah... Yeah, I return. For those who remember me, well... It's good to talk to you again. -smiles slightly- And for thsoe who DON'T know me... Well, I'm one of the "oldies", not that it matters much anyways, 'cause (no offense) this Wiki is a load of bull anymore. -sighs- I remember it at it's prime, how awesome and believeable (okay, so I kinda believe again or whatever... that's why I came back) it was... But now, meh. Anyhow... Yeah. I just wanted to make a random and pointless blog because I've actually missed some of the drama on here... -grins- It's something interesting to do when I'm bored, ya know? But yeah. Anyways... Yeah. (fail XD)

    There's another reason I came back, not just 'cause I missed some of my old friends h…

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  • TheTheif

    Okay. Well, I've expressed my feelings in a highly unacceptable way; I snapped, er, literally. I've realized that I need to chill out and get a life. So... yeah. Anyways. Just look at my user page, where an anon posted like ten words.. and I replied in an inapropriate manor with about a hundred words.

    Now you can see what kind of lyring, mean, cowardly freak I am.

    And I think it's best if I just... leave. I've been being a real jerk to everyone here, believe it or not. And I'm tired of hurting you guys. I'm tired of hurting anyone. I'm tired of existing, because all my existence seems to bring is pain, suffering, and misery.

    So... yeah. I'm sorry if I've ever let you down, if I've ever hurt you, if I've ever yelled or fought with you. Please.…

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  • TheTheif

    Okay guys... It's me. Chey, a.k.a. "TheTheif", the kid who spelled her user name wrong, the misfit, the loser, the "hero" (in some cases), the orphan, the girl who got hit by a truck.

    Anyways... yeah. I know I haven't been very active latel, when in truth I've been following what has been going on around here. And I've taken notice to Ava's blog, about how we need to 'patch the Wiki up'... I couldn't agree more. I know I'm not very "active" anymore... but I really do want to help fix things up a bit. So, please hear me out.

    So, a few things to get started with...

    Well, I know that there's been a lot of drama here. I'm not going to point fingers, but I do blame myself for part of that. Mainly because if someone says something that gets me going,…

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