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    If you are a child of Hecate, Poseidon, Ares, Hades, Zeus, Iris, Demeter, Rhea, Henry or Apollo and you wish to further your demigod abilities and be trained in either, divinity, combat, divine, ancient or scribe magic by Carter, Sadie, Amos, Julius (though not directly), Ruby (same as Julius) and Zia, then please comment below.

    From Carter:

    We cannot pick you up at the moment, though we really like that you are showing interest. Amos said he may be able to send a boat for you, but the problem is, you wont know how to navigate it back to us....

    So, Sadie and I have hidden a magic kit in every School in america.... (not physically,... through the Duat.) if you are mean't to study magic with us, and you are a true demigod, finding the kid will …

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    Attention! The Gods, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Hermes, Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Ares, Hera, Demeter, Aphrodite, Dionysus, Hephaetus, Alexander and Rhea are going to be invading the Titan Head-Quarters tonight at 6:00.

    The Titans will be defeated and drained of their power. The power will then be given to Rhea, who will become the Goddess of Time, Water, Light, Forethought, Afterthought, Memory, Justice, Order, Intelligence, Victory, Protection and Heros.

    Her hair will turn white and her eyes will become rainbow. Her children will each be blessed with similar new abilities. They will be very powerful Demigods.

    The Titans will then be given a choice:

    ~Become Mortal, and forget they were ever Titans and be reborn OR ~Be destroyed right then and there…

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  • SmokeGirl

    Reunion and Loss

    May 22, 2010 by SmokeGirl

    We found Jeremy in London. He looks just like grant with my eyes and hair. He has an english accent which is so funny. Jeremy was adopted by Apollo, who raised and protected him. Apollo burned down St. Christopher's Orphanage to better get rid of the documents of Jeremy to protect him.

    Jeremy asked that his friends loose their memory of him, so that he could leave them and protect them. He came back to camp with us.... where we had a funeral fire for Grant.

    When we got Grant back from Hades, i had to make the God a promise to sleep with him to let us bring Grant back and that when he died again, he would go to Blest.

    Grant didn't like that, so he secretly made his own promise. I wouldn't have to do anything with Hades if Grant willingly died …

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  • SmokeGirl

    So.... it appears the Gods actually listened to me and decided to make an account... now I just have to teach them how to use it... -.- So, as you may know, I have my entire memory back and I am pretty much becoming my old self, so I'm not quite as timid as before.... And you may know that I dated almost every male god.... So just to warn you, because I know my past lovers VERY well, they might start making wise cracks, or saying weird things... Don't be offended... sorry.

    So, an update on our Trip to London...

    IT IS GORGEOUS! And we found the orphanage that Jeremy was sent to! One problem.... The original orphanage was burned down about 3 years ago... by a spontaneous fire with no cause.... Atheta thinks Apollo might have something to do wit…

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  • SmokeGirl

    All Powerful!

    May 14, 2010 by SmokeGirl

    All of my memories and powers are back! :D

    But i really can't be too happy, because yesterday, Camp Half Blood California was attacked and destroyed.... I saw it happened and warned Atheta, who got all of the campers out. They are now living here at CHB Long Island....

    Me, Ryan, Percy, Annabeth and Grant will be leaving for London tomorrow.... to look for Jeremy, and to pick up some of the English Demigods. So if you know or are a demigod living in England , tell me, because I will find you and bring you to safety.

    Until then, Smoke Girl.... Out...

    SmokeGirl 02:23, May 14, 2010 (UTC)

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