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    as i type this blog i realized that under my computer desk there's a patch of light. you have to realize that it is DARK under the desk. i'm scared to stick my feet under it.

    but even stranger, the light has no warmth to it at all.

    what could it mean? anything to do with war?

    disclaimer: i am not saying that apollo would side with the titans. It's a thought, and we need all ideas, dreams, and whatnot as possible right now.

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  • Scarletmoon579

    the beatles were children of apollo! this means that they are my (sadly) dead brothers!

    Scarletmoon579 15:49, May 23, 2010 (UTC)

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  • Scarletmoon579

    I know that in various places I've been saying I'm a daughter of Apollo, but ....

    What if my claiming wasn't claiming? I should tell you when I was possibly claimed, I guess.

    It was a cloudy, rainy, stormy day. The creek near my house was high, and I walked to the bridge and stood on it. I spoke some words, just, deep, emotional words that I don't know where they came from. My mind was blank when I said them. But the clouds opened up and a ray of sunlight shone on me, and I was confused. I ran back to the house, and slipped coming into the doorway when it hit me.

    All the weird things that happened when I was little.....

    All the scary things "under the bed".....

    Was I being claimed?

    I assumed that I was being claimed by Apollo, and I've spoken it…

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  • Scarletmoon579

    Family- A free Verse poem by Apollo's daughter


    With his mighty wrath

    his children

    just as powerful


    With each crash of the waves

    His children

    become stronger


    Dark, but caring

    his children

    are rulers of death

    Lady Athena

    Born from her father's head

    Gives her children

    The same wisdom


    His children are never lost

    though he loves

    lost things


    still burning

    with prophecies

    and flames, of course

    And it dawned

    on me

    as I lay


    this morning,

    as Father placed the sun

    in the sky

    That we

    this union

    of demigods

    the warriors

    of tomorrow

    the leaders

    of the many wars

    to come

    and go

    are family


    we stand united

    as one.

    (It was supposed to be deep, so don't laugh at me! I know some of you that have been claimed longer than me will not laugh.)

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  • Scarletmoon579

    I had the scariest dream last night. It went like this:

    The River Styx churned and a girl with gray eyes and brown hair looked into it. She looked up and spoke.

    "O Goddess Athena, give me your blessing."

    Nothing looked different about her. She walked around ,opened her mouth to speak but fell in. She screamed and cried for help but no one came, and she perished in the river.

    Somebody died. A young girl, she couldn't have been over twelve. She didn't fall, she was pushed by an invisible force.

    What is happening ?

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