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  • Sannse

    Drama between wikis

    October 13, 2011 by Sannse

    So it seems there's been some argument between this wiki and another. If this isn't your home wiki, and you are here to talk about how you disagree with how things are done on this wiki, then please move on. Go back to your wiki, and leave people here to go back to what they do.

    If you are part of the Demigods Wiki, then please read this page. It's a great guide to how to deal with problems on a wiki, including when someone comes here to criticize rather than be a part of the group.

    The key things to remember are:

    • don't react, just ignore them
    • if you are an admin, block them, keeping the block reason neutral and calm
    • don't get abusive or nasty yourself
    • in extreme cases, contact staff for help

    This is your place, and it's OK for you to totally …

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  • Sannse

    Problems again?

    April 13, 2010 by Sannse

    I hoped that by giving the demigods/role-playing group a wiki specific to them, we could have a place where people could enjoy themselves without the fighting and unpleasant behavior seen on other wikis. And I have been staying away from here to give you all a chance to build that place without me stepping in. But it seems that's not working well...

    So what next? There are a couple of options...

    I can step in here, and start being a strict admin. That would mean that any posts where people are being nasty would be deleted and anyone needing a time-out would be banned. For those who can't keep it polite, then I would ban them permanently.

    Or we could make this more of a free-for-all area, where as long as you don't go outside the Wikia term…

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