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  • SWZala

    Okay, okay. People have been asking me for the past few months about "how do I join the Warriors of Cosmos?" Alright. The thing is. You don't join. You're chosen. By who? Actually there are 3 screenings. First the Warriors of Cosmos (excluding me) see who can be Warriors of Cosmos. Then they tell me (since I'm the leader of the Warriors) who then I check them out. If I think they're okay, I tell our Master, Cosmos. Then she would say if they're in or not. Since the other Warriors of Cosmos and me are involved in the "selecting process" nobody can go around saying "I'm a Warrior of Cosmos" without me knowing. Got it?

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  • SWZala


    April 1, 2011 by SWZala

    Okay, okay. Most of you are probably wondering, "What the hell are you doing here? Didn't you say you were going to leave?" Yeah, yeah, whatever. I just need to warn you guys re: something.

    Remember the blog, "Only One Person Can stop it" or something like that? Of course you do. Anyway. The info that's there is fake. NOT that the person who wrote the blog is a fake or anything, but she's the "unlucky winner of Chaos' false messages". The vision or whatever that she had, is a fake. It was sent by Chaos. He's trying to get you guys involved. Earth is in danger, yes. But it's not "Something". I can't tell you people coz' it's official Warriors of Cosmos business. You guys are NOT supposed to be part of what's going to happen. Chaos is just tr…

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  • SWZala

    I'm pretty sure most of you heard or saw the news about the earthquakes all over the world, right? And yes, this is me, Kaida Julienne Selena Wolfe Seiei Zala. I just "went back" here to give a minor update. Truth behind those earthquakes and tsunamis.... I think you guessed it. ish. Not really though. But basically, there was a fight, wait, fight's not sufficient, war, that doesn't even cut it, hmmmmm.... a battle. Yeah, a battle broke out between the Warriors of Cosmos and Warriors of Chaos. BIG battle. Then I got taunted so I yelled, some stuff happened and this is where the earthquakes come in. I hate myself for losing control.




    Ζητώ συγγνώμη

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  • SWZala

    Good-bye people of the wiki. I'm sure people will rejoice once I leave but here's one thing I'll tell you guys. I was one of the original members here. yeah. That's right. Oh well whatever. Just a few personal messages. Note: I won't leave one for Chey, since we can still chat on FB.

    We had our differences, you think I'm fake, but oh well. You're decision. We used to be really good acquaintances. Then it shattered. Was it because you think I betrayed you? Whatever the reason was, I'm sorry. But I'm telling you, I'm NOT fake. Just go and believe what you like. I won't stop you. I made my point clear.

    You two were SOOOO annoying. But I got used to that. Oh well. Good-bye. Be good. Stay safe. Sayonara.

    You barely get on here, I don't really know…

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  • SWZala

    Today's the day I'll complete my Focus. It was to destroy the other Fal'cies except for Brasch (the one who made me a L'cie)... and after that... I have to end my life.

    I'm sorry for what I've done. I'm sure you know what I did. You've been a good person to me... but I can't do the same. An outcast. I'm sorry. Enjoy the time you have with Azeroth. Take care of him. You can be a great Dragon Rider. A really powerful one to. Just control your emotions.

    Again, I ask for your forgiveness for the things that I have done. I can't protect everyone I care about no matter how hard I try. Calm down. Don't be rash in your decisions. Remember that everything has a consequence.

    We fought before. I believed that you were a traitor. I'm sorry for that. Than…

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