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    I was finally released. Daimien is strong, and just like me. He is on our side. I convinced ....him.... to let me go easily, because, Zala? made him actually love me. I had to pretend to love him back, and now the gods are slightly suspicious that I actually do/did love him. They are watching me carefully. I do not have any specific powers, like Zeus controls lightning, but I am immortal and I am just as powerful as the gods now, so that will help in killing...him. My son will be the ultimate key to destroying his father.

    Thank all of you so much for your support. It means alot that you all cared for me. It was terrifying until Zala made him love me, he became kind after that. But just because he was kind to me, doesn't mean he will keep b…

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    Now that the war is over, and I don't have to worry about monsters for a while... wanna know my name?

    My real name is Delilah Stassi

    IPeople usually call me Lilah... so its up to you :D

    Daughter-of-Poseidon19 03:18, May 24, 2010 (UTC)

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    So, the war is over! Finally! Lots of people died, and we Honor all of them. Some friends of mine died, like Grant Taylor, Kirstey Sixtus (Daughter of Hermes), Leroy Monei (Son of Hephaetus) and some others.

    We found Jeremy and Mila is so happy. I am too.... ;D

    Okay so this is going to sound terrible, but Jeremy is not only gorgeous, but he is literally the nicest person I know. I can't help it. Mila seems kinda weirded out that were like kinda sorta maybe dating... but i'm torn...


    Rhea, my bestest sister ever came back to camp with white hair and rainbow eyes! Rhea always tells me that I am her favorite sibling because I remind her of her younger self. We're pretty close. Rhea gave me some pretty cool powers. I can…

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    So today we played Capture the Flag at CHB. If you remember, I had a broken arm before, but I drank some nectar, and its fine now, so I got to play.

    The sides were pretty uneven.... The head cabins were Athena and Ares, unsurprisingly. There are 21 cabins in Camp now... The 12 Olympic Gods, The Sanctuary (Cabin dedicated to Rhea and Henry), Iris, Hecate, Hades, Eros, Hesita, Janus, Nemesis, and Morpheus. The numbers have all been changed, to the following (the head counselors names have been changed):

    # God Head Counselor(s)
    1. Zeus Tyler Mannson
    2. Poseidon Percy Jackson
    3. Hera n/a
    4. Apollo Kerry and Anthony Lions
    5. Artemis n/a
    6. Demeter Katie Gardner
    7. Hephaestus Leon Donovon
    8. Nemesis Helen Tali
    9. Iris Rebecca Washington
    10. Hecate Quinn Genuve' …

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  • Daughter-of-Poseidon19

    Go here to see all my fanfitcion (it's not really a fan fiction, its the true story of the life of the Goddess Rhea, as told by SmokeGirl, the daughter of the Oracle of Delphi, which is really a collab between me and her). :D

    Hope you like it! comment :D

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